August 15, 2021

Redwood Trees top turning brown in Santa Rosa and Healdsburg

If you’ve driven north from Santa Rosa through Healdsburg you can’t help but notice the number of dead or dying Redwood trees along the 101 corridor. The current drought is causing stress for Redwood trees in the warmer areas of Sonoma County. When trees are drought stressed, they are more susceptible to “Redwood canker” (Botryosphareria dothidea) a foliage disease that affects our Sonoma County Redwood Trees. Redwood canker usually starts at the top of Redwood trees and can spread from the top of the tree to lower branches. If untreated it may lead to the death of the tree.

To prevent the spread of the canker affected branches should be removed and if necessary the top of the tree may need to be cut lower. Trees will sprout from the “heading cut”. There may be several new tops that grow from the area and unfortunately the new tops will not have the structural integrity of the original single top. Additional pruning will be needed to select the most structurally sound leader and remove weakly attached leaders. Rely on the Certified Arborists at TreePro Professional Tree Care to provide the best option for restoring your Redwood trees to reduce hazards.

To reduce the chance of developing Redwood canker it’s important to reduce drought stress. Providing adequate irrigation and placing mulch around your Redwood trees will reduce stress and in turn reduce the chances of Redwood canker. See our blog on Redwood trees browning and yellowing in Santa Rosa for more information on irrigation and mulch for Redwood trees.