Arborist Reports are a technical evaluation of a tree’s condition. Arborist Reports may be requested by homeowners who need an evaluation of a tree on their property for health or hazard. They may be requested as a requirement for the development of a real estate project where trees are located. Arborist Reports are also required by municipalities in order to obtain a tree removal permit.

Arborist Reports specify the tree species, size and condition. The condition of the tree is evaluated on both a health and structure basis. Another important consideration in evaluating a tree is identifying potential hazards of the tree. Hazard evaluation involves inspecting the structure of a tree’s limbs, trunk and root crown to determine potential defects. Trees are given a hazard rating based on their condition, size and location.

Recommendations are usually made to optimize tree health and mitigate potential hazards. In some cases the removal of a tree is recommended because of the degree of hazard associated with the degree of defect, the size of the affected portion of the tree and the location of the tree.

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