fire prevention service treeprosonomaTreePro Professional Tree Care is the professional choice for fire prevention. Call us for a free consultation on how to make your property more fire safe. Removing brush and high weeds is a good first step but properties in wild land interface areas like Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Kenwood, Oakmont, Glen Ellen and Sonoma require additional pruning and removals for greater fire prevention.

Cal Fire has established guidelines for creating defensible space near your home. These guidelines provide detailed recommendations to reduce hazards from fire in three zones. Zone 0 includes the area from zero to five feet from your home’s structure. It is recommended that no flammable material be located in this area. Any dead grass, twigs or leaves should be removed. Use gravel, stone, or concrete surfaces rather than mulch. Keep trees pruned ten feet back from chimneys, stove pipes and roof areas. It is also important to keep leaf litter cleaned from the roof and gutters. Landscape with low growing fire-resistant plants and avoid shrubs that are flammable such as Rosemary or Junipers. Do not store firewood near your home and keep plastic garbage cans away from the structure. Cal Fire also recommends keeping vehicles, RV’s and boats away from your home. Using non-flammable fencing near your home is better than wood fencing or gates attached to the structure.

Zone 1 is the area near the home out to thirty feet. In this area plants and trees should not be planted near windows, decks, stairs or balconies.

Cleaning dead branches and raising tree canopies helps to reduce fire risk. Maintaining separation between trees and shrubs helps to reduce fire loads. In addition, removing flammable trees and shrubs is also important for hazard reduction. No firewood should be stored in this area.

fire clearance service treeprosonomaZone 2 is the area from thirty feet out to 100 feet from your home. In this area keep weeds and grass cut to a minimum of four inches. At TreePro Professional Tree Care we weed whack weeds as low as possible. Maintaining separation between shrubs and trees is also important in this zone. If your home is located in a steep or hilly area the distance between trees and shrubs should be greater. If firewood is stored in this area there should be ten feet of bare earth around the location. Sheds, outbuilding and propane tanks should also have the area cleaned to bare earth out ten feet.

Contact TreePro Professional Tree Care for a fire safety review of your property. TreePro Professional Tree Care can perform tree removals, tree pruning, brush chipping and weed abatement services. We utilize track chippers to reach hard-to-access areas with steep topography. We have a three man team for weed whacking as well as a large deck mower for large areas.

Count on our Certified Arborists to develop a plan to reduce fire hazards for your home and property. We are also Licensed Timber Operators and can help you to remove trees in forest designated areas managed by Cal-Fire in Sonoma County.