Stump Grinding

In the days before stump grinders, our forefathers had some ingenious ways to get rid of stumps. From pulling them out with teams of oxen to burning them out with coals. Later, tractors or excavators were used for stump removals but left the property looking like a land mine zone. In the 1950’s the stump grinder was invented, and a cleaner more precise method was developed to get rid of stumps.

Stump grinders have come a long way since the 50’s and we’ve expanded our fleet of machines and our capabilities.

TreePro has several stump grinders, each designed to tackle stump removals for different situations.

When grinding stumps in back yards, a stump grinder needs to be about 36 inches wide. We have a smaller machine that can get through the gate easily.

TreePro Tree Care Service - Stump Grinding

When working on rough or steep terrain we have a tracked machine with rubber tracks that is more maneuverable and can handle the challenge.

In tighter spaces we utilize a smaller machine with a single wheel in the front that allows us to get around corners easily.

When possible, we use our tow behind stump grinder which is larger and more powerful. Like the name implies, the machine is towed behind a pick – up truck and when access is good, it’s the most efficient way to grind a stump.

No matter the size of the stump or the challenges of the site, TreePro has the stump grinder to get the job done efficiently.

There are several reasons for grinding stumps. After removing a tree you may want to replant a new tree and get the stump removed beforehand. We recommend that you do not re-plant a new tree in the exact location of the stump that was ground out. The mulch material gets mixed with the soil and is not the best medium for a new tree. Initially, the mulch will use up the available nitrogen as it breaks down. In addition, the mulch does not retain moisture as well as traditional soil, so the tree may dry out. A better choice, if you have the room is to plant a new tree farther away from the old stump. We can also grind any roots from the stump near the new planting site to make the tree installation easier.

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Another reason for stump grinding is to prevent the re-growth of a tree that has been removed. While many tree species will not re-sprout from the stump there are several trees that are known for re-growing. Some local native trees that will sprout from the stump include Live Oak trees and California Bay Laurel trees.

Other ornamental varieties that will sprout include Liquidambar trees, Eucalyptus trees, Plum trees and several others.

Finally, you may want to grind a stump in your yard because stumps just are not that attractive to look at. They can however, be disguised as chairs, table bases, or planter stands for those who like a “rustic” look.