Santa Rosa Tree Service

TreePro is a Santa Rosa tree service that has been serving homes and businesses in Sonoma County since 1990. We’re a local company with the expertise to offer pruning or trimming of your trees supervised by Certified Arborists.

We also offer tree removal service for hazardous trees. We use cranes and state of the art rigging and to safely remove large or dangerous trees. We have three stump grinders to remove any size stump.

TreePro is one of a few Santa Rosa tree services that are able to treat trees for pests and diseases. Our Certified Arborists have the knowledge of local tree problems to provide our clients with accurate diagnosis and treatment programs. We are trained to identify and treat oak trees for Sudden Oak Death. For tips on identifying sudden oak death read our article at

Santa Rosa is an area rich with native trees including several varieties of oaks that add beauty and value to your home landscape. Depend on TreePro your local Santa Rosa tree service to provide you with professional tree care by Certified Arborists.