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Tree pruning is the most fulfilling part of the work we do at TreePro. Our company has been providing tree pruning services since 1990. Tree pruning requires a special set of skills that begin with being a good listener. We begin finding out what your goals right after you consult with our ISA Certified Arborists.

Tree Pruning - Tree Pro Sonoma

We do our best to merge your ideas with the most practical and proven pruning techniques. Most especially, we want to maintain the highest level of health and structural integrity for your trees.

TreePro Sonoma - Tree Care Service in Santa Rosa

The Tree Care Industry Association  has warded TreePro for “Excellence in Arboriculture” for pruning.

The Tree Care Industry Association and the American National Standards Institute has set special guideline. These guidelines are known as the ANSI A-300 Standards for Tree Pruning. These standards were developed to provide guidance on types of pruning and how best to prune trees. Our ISA Certified Arborists follow these pruning special guidelines to maintain a high quality of work. Our team indicates which type of pruning will be performed and the size of the pruning cuts to be made.

TreePro Follows Strict Pruning Practices – But It Is Also an Art

Pruning Classes: ANSI A-300 Standards

  • Hazard Reduction Pruning – Hazard Reduction Pruning is ideal when the primary objective is to reduce the danger to a specific target. Examples of hazard reduction pruning would be trimming out dead branches over a structure or trimming back a heavy limb over a sidewalk, parking area or landscaping area.
  • Maintenance Pruning – Maintenance pruning is recommended when the primary objective is to maintain or improve tree health and structure. Maintenance pruning may also reduce hazards when the removal or reduction of limb size is performed in your home landscaping.

Types of Pruning: ANSI A-300 Standards

  • Crown Raising

    – It is the removal of lower branches on a tree to provide clearance over streets or sidewalks. It may also be done to provide visual clearance for pedestrians or vehicles. For young trees it is preferable to leave lower branches intact because they help the tree to establish a stronger trunk.

  • Crown Cleaning

    – It is the removal of dead, diseased or damaged branches. It also includes trimming of weakly attached branches and thinning of waterspouts.

  • Crown Thinning

    – It is the selective removal of branches to increase light and air movement in the tree canopy. It can also help to decrease end weight in heavy branches. Crown thinning is also important in reducing wind sail for hazard reduction. Pruning of green foliage should not exceed 25% in any pruning season.

  • Crown Reduction

    – Also know as crown shaping is reducing the height or spread of a tree. Tree size can be controlled through crown reduction but it is important to start pruning a tree when it is young. Waiting until a tree becomes too large makes it difficult to keep smaller. The tree will replace growth more quickly when over pruned.

  • Crown Restoration

    – It is the pruning of trees to reshape them when they have been damaged by storms, vandalism, or improper pruning. Trees can be pruned to establish new scaffold branches for a more natural look. Crown restoration pruning should also be limited to 25% of green foliage in one pruning season.

  • Young Tree Pruning

    – Pruning of young trees is an important and cost effective way to improve the health and structure of all trees. Keeping low branches on all young trees is important for developing trunk caliper and better trunk strength. It is also important to develop a central leader in the tree and remove weakly attached or competing leaders. This reduces the likelihood of branch failures as the tree matures. Finally establishing proper limb spacing and limb location ensure a more structurally sound tree.

TreePro Sonoma - Tree Care Service Santa Rosa
Tree Pruning - Tree Pro Sonoma
Tree Pruning - Tree Pro Sonoma

Over pruning of trees is a common mistake. Tree pruning should be limited to 25% or less of green tree canopy per pruning season. For trees that are stressed or declining the amount to be pruned should be less. Never make this mistake, as it can lead to the tree’s death. If the tree dies, it will require tree removal, which means incurring additional expenses.

Poor pruning cuts is another common mistake that can affect the health or structure of trees for life. Topping trees or making “stub cuts” not only ruins the beauty of the tree but promotes decay and structural defects at the site of the wounds.

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When Should Tree Pruning Be Done?

Timing of pruning certain trees should also be considered when scheduling work to be done. Trees that are susceptible to insect problems should not be pruned during the summer when insects are most active.

Depend on the ISA Certified Arborists at TreePro to provide you with the best recommendations for the care of your trees.

TreePro has been providing tree pruning services to homes and businesses in Sonoma County for over 30 years. We service cities
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